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Eco Ultimate Memory Foam Conventional Pillow

  • Memory Foam Queen Traditional / Conventional Pillow

Product Description

Eco Ultimate Memory Foam Pillow- Conventional ShapeEco Ultimate Memory Foam Pillow

Get a high-quality and affordable memory foam pillow

Made from the same eco-friendly Memory Foam used in memory foam beds, these conventional pillows make a great improvement to your sleep environment.


A memory foam pillow will properly support your spine as you sleep. When you have correct alignment and support, you awake more refreshed and ready for the day.


The great Eco-friendly memory foam pillows are made with soy-based memory foam and produced in a zero-emission plant.

Conventional Pillow Features

  • Made with earth-friendly Eco Memory Foam
  • Memstretch Cover

Available Sizes:

  • Queen

Pillow Dimensions:

  • Queen: 15 x 28 inches

Other Details

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