Softside Waterbed with topper folded openFrequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a hardside waterbed and a softside waterbed?

A softside waterbed mattress is made to mimic the look of a traditional mattress, while still providing the great feel of floating on the open water. A softside waterbed allows you to use a standard bed frame and bedding with these mattresses. Different types of softside waterbeds range from shallow fill, to mid-fill, to deep fill softside water beds, depending on how much motion or wave action you prefer during sleep.


Natural Wood Hardside WaterbedA hardside water bed mattress is what you typically think of when you imagine a waterbed. It is comprised of a a hard-sided bed frame that keeps the sides of the waterbed from bulging outward. (Hence the name hardside waterbed) The waterbed bladder itself is usually made from flexible yet durable vinyl. Hardside waterbeds require a heating element underneath the fluid chamber that will keep the water a pleasant and safe temperature.

Do I need a foundation for my hardside of softside waterbed mattress?


We highly recommend purchasing a proper foundation. Your softside waterbed mattress needs to be on a firm base to maintain its integrity. Also not having your mattress on a firm flat base will void the warranty.

A hardside waterbed requires a special frame/foundation that will support the waterbed fluid cell and prevent the sides from bulging outwards. The correct hardside foundation is absolutely critical to a the safe and proper function of this type of waterbed.


What is the size of each mattresses?

 Standard Mattress Sizes


Numbers are in inches.


What is your warranty?


Our mattresses carry different lengths of warranty that is based on different factors. Please refer to the product page for more details or contact us and we can advise you.


What If I am not satisfied with my new Waterbed Mattress?


We offer a 30-night in home trial on all our hardside waterbed mattresses and on the fluid chamber of a softside waterbed. A hardside waterbed is eligible for return or exchange and a softside waterbed fluid chamber is eligible for exchange. Please review the terms of our 30 Night in-home trial

Standard hardside Waterbed sizesStandard hardside waterbed sizes:

Hardside waterbed sizing tends to be slightly longer than a standard mattress size:

Hardside Waterbed King measures: 72-inch X 84-inch

Hardside Waterbed Queen measures 60-inch X 84-inch

Hardside Watber Super-Single measures 48-inch X 84-inch (this size is nearly exclusive to waterbeds.)



If I have a pet will my waterbed get punctured?


Modern waterbed are built with heavy duty vinyl that is incredibly resistant to tears and punctures. If your cat or dog is sitting, sleeping or walking on the bed, there is very little chance that the waterbed fluid chamber will get punctured.

Weights of Waterbeds?

Yes waterbeds are heavy below are approximate weights of different types and sizes;


Hardside Wood Frame Waterbeds

King 1200-1500LBS

Queen 1000-1300LBS

Super Single 800-1000LBS


Softside Waterbeds

Deep Fill

King 1200-1300LBS

Queen 900-1100

Mid Fill

King 1100-1200LBS

Queen 800-1000LBS


Do you offer Financing?

Yes Waterbed Bargains now offers financing for your waterbed products. You can apply by clicking the apply button below.