Waterbeds: Five Storage Ideas

Waterbeds: Five Storage Ideas

1st Feb 2023

What's great about traditional and modern waterbeds?

A lot of things, actually, and we’ve written about many of them on the blog before. But one that we haven't spent as much time on is the idea of using your waterbed for storage.

If you look back to the old 1980s designs in looking at waterbeds, many of them are built with this purpose in mind. Yes, you get a great night of sleep – yes, you get the feel of an aquatic experience, but you can also get new places to tuck away your personal possessions, and these types of storage can make it easier to keep your bedroom looking nice and clean, and uncluttered. That’s a big value to a lot of waterbed owners.

Under-Bed Storage

Many hardside waterbeds feature drawers that pull out from underneath the bed on one side. Some even have two sets – one on each side, and a third set at the foot of the bed. Alternately, that foot of the bed piece can be a pull out small bed for a child, or seating. Various styles and models are available to fit an interior decoration scheme.

Integrated Nightstands

Some hardside waterbeds also have nightstands built right into the frame design at the head of the bed, with ornamental and decorative headboards in between. This looks great, but it also adds to your storage capacity.

Hutches and Bookshelves

In the header design for many traditional waterbeds, you have small indentations in the nightstand footprint, where you can stack books or put other possessions like jewelry and watches or loose change, or family pictures or figurines.

This is where people integrate the idea of waking up to your personalized decor in your bedroom. That counter space is critical to great design and the personalization of bedroom décor.


Either under or over the aforementioned hutches, you can have swinging door cabinets in which to keep more of your personal items.

Lighting is also something to keep in mind as you set up your waterbed in your bedroom. The nightstands can be lamp-standing areas, or lighting can be clipped to the headboard.

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