Five Kinds Of Water Bed Accessories

Five Kinds Of Water Bed Accessories

15th Dec 2022

What do we sell besides high-quality affordable waterbeds?

As a top destination for e-commerce in modern sleep, we also sell a wide range of waterbed accessories that are useful for long-term maintenance and care.

Here are some of the products you can find in our site, with the quality that you’d expect, to take care of your high-end waterbed as it ages. Remember, this is a significant asset in your home, and something that you (hopefully) use at least 7-8 hours of every night!

Heaters and Thermometers

One of the good functions of the waterbed is natural heating systems. Unlike with traditional mattresses, you can use a water heating approach to get the results that you want. Whether that's to snuggle in during the winter season, or provide therapy for people with certain conditions, users love the comfort of the hot bed and the ability to fine-tune the temperature to their liking, on a cold night, or in the wee hours of the morning.

We sell a range of heating systems, and also digital thermometers to help you set your temperature and get your waterbed where you want it to be in terms of heat.

Drain and Fill Kits

From time to time, you need to drain or fill your waterbed. A kit comes with all the gear you need to do this effectively and safely, to move the bed, or as part of general maintenance. Maybe you’re switching around the floor plan, or you have an unanticipated move. Without a good drain and fill kit, you kind of have a problem. Talk to us about being ready for any changes that you need to make with your bed.

Water Conditioner and Chemicals

Why do you need water conditioner for a waterbed?

When you look into the reasons that people buy these kinds of products, a lot of it has to do with sanitation. Water conditioners help to avoid buildup or water contaminants that can grow over time. Check our line of water conditioners to keep water clean and sanitary.

Patch Kits

You will be ready for your waterbed to spring a leak when you have these modern patch kits available. Being able to keep the waterbed in useful condition may involve patching the occasional leak, so it pays to keep these items on hand. Once again, we have the diversity of products that you need to make patching easy.


Hard or soft waterbeds can benefit from unique and special mattress coverings. We’ve got a lot of the gear you need to customize comfort.

Get all of this and more from a retailer that has your interests at heart. We’ve been selling waterbeds and related products for a while now, and we know what people need to get the most out of their beds. We’re here for you!