Three Tips To Take Care Of Your New Waterbed

Three Tips To Take Care Of Your New Waterbed

23rd Sep 2021

Although they can be expensive, a waterbed is a fantastic investment and a great way to introduce some luxury into the way you sleep at night. Unlike conventional mattresses that use springs or foam rubber to support your body, creating pressure points on the heaviest parts of your body, a waterbed is able to support the entirety of your body by adapting to its shape. Waterbeds help encourage relaxation and increased blood circulation, providing for more restful sleep.

Unfortunately, despite their numerous advantages, waterbeds can also be difficult to take care of. The water used to inflate a waterbed can promote the growth of bacteria, leading to potentially poor smelling water and degradation of the casing of the waterbed. Additionally, having to change out the water in a waterbed can be a difficult and frustrating task. Fortunately, many of the maintenance problems that come with owning a waterbed can be alleviated by following a few easy guidelines. Here are three fantastic tips for taking care of your brand new waterbed so that you can enjoy your investment for years to come.

Prevent Moisture On Your Waterbed

While it may seem counterintuitive, one of the most important parts of proper waterbed maintenance is controlling how much moisture the mattress is exposed to. Although your waterbed is filled with water, the mattress is only designed to keep water on the inside. Moisture from sweat can quickly promote bacterial growth, which can enter the interior of your water bed and cause all sorts of problems.

You should aim to ventilate your waterbed every day so that excess moisture is able to escape, and use a moisture-regulating mattress cover that can absorb any sweat at night. Be sure to wash your mattress cover regularly as well, to prevent bacteria growth and keep your mattress clean and fresh. You can also clean the bed itself using special vinyl cleaners available for purchase at most waterbed specialty stores and other retail locations.

Use Waterbed Conditioner

Changing the water inside your waterbed can be a very annoying task. Fortunately, you can decrease the frequency that you have to swap out the water in your mattress by using a waterbed conditioner. Waterbed conditioner is a special mixture of different chemicals designed to prevent algae and bacteria growth in your waterbed, ensuring that your mattress remains clean and comfortable for longer periods of time. It’s important that you use the same brand of waterbed conditioner consistently, as different brands use different chemicals that may react poorly if combined and ruin your waterbed from the inside.

Repair Leaks Immediately

Finally, it’s extremely important that you notice any leaks that begin to appear in your waterbed over time and fix them immediately. Even tiny leaks in your waterbed allow bacteria to directly enter the mattress, quickly leading to the water inside spoiling. Leaks can also grow in size over time, and can cause water damage on the floors around your mattress. Small leaks can easily be repaired using a waterbed repair kit, which usually just involves using a small piece of vinyl and special glue to seal up any holes in the mattress. By keeping on top of maintenance issues for your waterbed and repairing the mattress as needed, you can be sure to enjoy your waterbed for many years to come!