Sleep Better On Waterbeds

30th Jun 2021

Water Waterbeds bring to mind a flotation device like the ones used in swimming pools. But, that may be a misnomer. Waterbeds do not float away or move you to another room! They are constructed in such a way that a frame of wood surrounds a water-filled mattress, or a soft-sided one is where the water-filled mattress is placed inside the sturdy foam. They are considered functional and thought to provide relief from back pain and disturbed sleep.

There was also a time when waterbeds were considered luxury items and were only bought to add sensuality to the comfort level. But, that image has been overridden by scientific theories on its functionality and usefulness.

Concept Of Waterbed

Waterbeds provide displacement; in other words, they have contours that accommodate the shape of your body. Unlike conventional mattresses, they do not form pressure points based on the asymmetrical body weight. It is believed that as the waterbed conforms to your body shape, it allows more uniform blood circulation and can induce a deeper sleep. Moreover, waterbeds are gentler to lie on with no unexpected lumps or knots.

Waterbeds For Therapy

In most cases, the original intent behind waterbeds remains. In the 1800s, waterbeds came into existence to help patients. While they have gone through several modifications, they remain helpful for people that need physical therapy. When you have a heated water-filled mattress, it adds to your body heat and keeps your muscles relaxed. There are fewer chances of waking up with stiff joints. It is especially helpful for people affected by arthritis.

Waterbeds For Better Sleep

People who have insomnia develop many related symptoms, including a lack of energy and weaker immunity. There are many causes for insomnia, and it affects people of all age groups. It drives people into finding the perfect mattress to induce a long and sound sleep. The conventional beds can be a haven for dust and dead skin cells. They cause a disturbed sleep pattern. There is no need to move around restlessly to find that comfortable position to sleep in with no specific pressure points.

To conclude, waterbeds are making a comeback with newer models and styles that can blend with your home interiors. With different prices and different levels of comfort, you can choose a waterbed that will conform to your body type and help you regain muscle and joint flexibility along with higher levels of energy from a sound sleep.