Benefits of Sleeping on a Waterbed

2nd Mar 2021

At the peak of their popularity, waterbeds accounted for more than 20 percent of all beds sold in the United States. Waterbeds were one of the most highly coveted accessories, possibly even a posh luxury. People were enamored at the prospect of feeling weightless and sleeping on water. You may have even had one of these wavy mattresses as a child. As fun as they are, waterbeds are also extremely comfortable and offer some amazing benefits.

Aches, Pains, and Sores

Waterbeds were first developed by a doctor in the 19th century for his bedridden patients. They were his answer to bedsores. Waterbed mattresses provide a unique distribution of bodyweight minimizing the friction caused by a harder surface. This helps distribute body weight more evenly to reduce bed sores or prevent them altogether. Over time some other surprising benefits emerged. The gentle support provided by a waterbed mattress has also been shown to reduce back pain and ease arthritis suffering. The soft waterbed mattress conforms to your body minimizing pressure points so you can relax.

Respiratory Health

Used mattresses and pillows can harbor over one million dust mites by the time they’re two years old. Dust mites prefer warm humid environments and bedding is prime real estate. While dust mites don’t bite, they can cause respiratory distress and problematic allergies. If you already have allergies or respiratory issues, a waterbed may be the answer. The non-porous nature of a waterbed mattress can be cleaned and sanitized, so it won’t harbor dead skin cells. Its easier to keep the mattress fresh and clean without the build-up of foreign matter to cause respiratory issues.


Insomnia is prevalent in America and the discomfort of typical mattresses probably doesn’t help the cause. Sufferers of insomnia tend to report better and more prolonged sleep on waterbeds. It is thought that the absence of pressure points allows the muscles in your body to relax quicker and more deeply for a better night’s sleep. Adding a heater to the waterbed mattress can also be beneficial. The combination of warmth and gentle support can help improve circulation to help you relax and drift off to sleep.

Consider Making the Switch

Making the switch to a waterbed can help you get a better night’s sleep. At Waterbed Bargains we offer a range of styles and accessories to suit every situation. You can browse our inventory by brand or type to make the selection process simple. Unlike years ago, waterbeds are more affordable and more durable than ever. When you’re ready to get the best sleep you’ve ever had, contact Waterbed Bargains and consider making the switch.