How To Choose The Right Waterbed Frame

How To Choose The Right Waterbed Frame

19th Jan 2024

Selecting an appropriate frame for a waterbed is an important task that requires careful consideration. A well-chosen frame not only contributes to the overall aesthetic of your bedroom but also provides the necessary support for your waterbed. This ensures a comfortable and restful night's sleep.

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Below are some things to consider when choosing a new waterbed frame.

Measure Your Waterbed

Before you start shopping for a frame, it's crucial to know the exact size of your waterbed. This is done by taking accurate measurements. First, measure the length of the waterbed from head to foot. This is the longest part of the bed.

Next, measure the width, the distance from one side of the bed to the other. This measurement is typically shorter than the length.

Lastly, you need to measure the height. This is the distance from the bottom of the waterbed to the top surface where you sleep.

These precise measurements ensure that your frame will fit your waterbed perfectly, providing excellent support and enhancing your comfort.

Understand Your Waterbed Type

Knowing the type of your waterbed is critical when selecting a frame. Waterbeds are generally categorized into two types: hardside and softside.

  • Hardside Waterbeds: These are the traditional models. They have a hard wooden frame that supports a water-filled mattress. When getting a frame for a hardside waterbed, ensure it can handle the weight and the rigid structure.
  • Softside Waterbeds: These look like regular beds but have a water-filled mattress inside a foam casing. The frame for a softside waterbed should accommodate the foam casing and support the weight of the water-filled mattress.

Understanding your waterbed type ensures you select the right frame to support it, giving you a comfortable sleep experience.

Assess Frame Quality

When choosing a waterbed frame, paying attention to its quality is important. The frame should be made from top-notch material and have a well-finished look. This means there should be no rough spots, splinters, or uneven color. It should feel good to the touch and look nice.

Strong joints are also a critical quality sign. A frame with solid, sturdy joints will be more durable and better able to support the weight of your waterbed. Look for frames with metal brackets or solid wood joints, which are known to be the strongest and most long-lasting.

Checking the weight capacity of a frame is also crucial. A good quality frame should support the weight of your waterbed, which can range from 2,000 to 3,000 pounds, depending on its size and type.

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