Frames That Fit

Frames That Fit

1st Sep 2021

What do you want out of a waterbed?

It's the kind of idea that you might think you might've heard more of in the 1980s. But waterbeds are still popular. In fact, some data suggests that more of us are wanting to lay down at night on a moving, rippling tide of H2O. Who can blame them? It’[s a one of a kind experience. We wouldn’t trade it for the world!

Anyway, don't ask us where we got that study. Just kidding – we actually get our real data from the numbers of customers who contact us about getting waterbeds on site. This business – the business of better sleep – is booming as people realize how much it helps with their health and wellness. Even the harried, stressed people among us can feel better with a sound night’s shut-eye.

Dealing with Frames

One thing that you need to think about with a new waterbed is how you're going to accommodate that bed’s shape and size in a given room.

With traditional waterbeds, you'll need a hard wood frame or some other kind of sturdy, durable framework to keep everything in place.

In fact, that's one of the biggest issues with traditional waterbeds. It's the burden of figuring out how to integrate one of these into a room that might not really be that spacious. The smaller the room, the bigger the puzzle.

We can help, with frames that are tailored to the needs of your space. Versatile waterbed frames can be a big part of investing in a better night’s sleep.

Modern Waterbeds

However, if you've gotten this far in the post, we have news for you – you don't have to use these frames if you use a type of modern waterbed that's self-containing and engineered to be used as a standalone mattress.

New technology has provided these options for people who like waterbeds but don't like creating those permanent installations with the hardwood corners and beams that are nearly impossible to move from one room or house to another.

We have both kinds of waterbeds in stock, and we know our way around these products. Get in touch and ask us any questions you have about pulling up anchors and sailing away to sleep! We stand behind our products and our expertise as the sleep experts in our corner of the world. And we think you will love drifting off to sleep on one of these beauties!