4 Things To Look For With Waterbed Tubes

4 Things To Look For With Waterbed Tubes

23rd Feb 2023

As a full-service e-commerce vendor of waterbed products, we have everything you need for one of these excellent aquatic nighttime installations. That's true whether you're going with a traditional hard frame waterbed or a new innovative soft side frameless waterbed. You will be simply amazed by how good one of these beds makes you feel! No, it’s not just a 1980s thing – waterbeds are very popular right now, and they will continue to be, in our opinion.

We have the waterbeds that our customers want. But we also have the accessories and components or materials that make your waterbeds the best they can be. It's not always just a case of selecting a mattress model.

There's some maintenance and troubleshooting involved, too. That's where we shine by coming to the need of our customers when they have any problems or questions about what they may be buying or thinking of buying.

So what about free-flow tubes?

These components of a mattress help with the buoyancy and texture that you want out of your waterbed. Maybe you’re considering a bed that uses this approach and want to know more about how it works. You’ll also want to know what these items offer for easy waterbed setups.

Here are some things to look for in tubes.

Fill Level Marks

A good free-flow tube should have fill level marks to show you where the water should go. These kinds of measurement markers help implement your chosen nighttime solution. Without them, getting a waterbed set up can be a hassle.

Easy Fill Systems

You want these to be easy to fill, too. That takes time and energy out of the equation when setting up or transporting your waterbed. Time is of the essence! And when you don’t want to wrangle with manuals and resources, an easy fill is the solution.

Adjustable Firmness

One of the things that free-flow tubes are known for is being able to adjust firmness. This is a common value add in mattress design as people want to make mattresses firmer or softer to fit their preferences. So make sure this is part of your waterbed setup, which can help with:

Surgical recovery

Impact of aging

Sports injuries

Overall comfort

Stability and sleep

Properly installed, these tubes will help you get the stability you need to nod off into easy sleep.

It's important to test the look and feel of a mattress setup to make sure it suits you as an individual!


It's also a good idea to look at what aspects of the waterbed and components, like tubes, are covered by a comprehensive warranty. For example, check out our two-year warranty options.

We will help you to get the bed that you want.