3 Reasons For the Rising Popularity of Waterbeds

3 Reasons For the Rising Popularity of Waterbeds

5th Jan 2023

The average person is extremely particular about the surface they sleep on. Without a comfortable mattress, getting quality sleep will be impossible. As time goes by, the technology used to manufacture mattresses grows more complex. However, older mattress technology has gained prominence in the past few years. Waterbeds have started to come back in a big way, and for good reason.

Consumers in the United States spend over $11 billion a year on new mattresses. Many of these mattresses are waterbeds. Are you curious about why waterbeds are so popular? If so, check out the information below.

1. Great For Spinal Alignment

Waking up in the morning feeling like you’ve been in a fight is never a good thing. Sleeping on a mattress that provides little support to your neck and back can be extremely problematic. The longer you continue to sleep on a worn-out mattress, the harder it will be to avoid back problems. One of the main reasons for the rise in waterbed popularity is the spinal alignment benefits it provides.

Sleeping on traditional mattresses leads to an unnatural curvature in the neck and spine. With a waterbed, your tailbone and shoulders will sink into the sleep surface naturally. Since a waterbed can’t be compressed, it provides perfect contours for the body. These contours allow for pressure to be exerted properly.

2. The Power of Thermoregulation

Did you realize that water is a great conductor of heat? When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, reducing the heat on your mattress is imperative. Traditional mattresses can only absorb so much heat. If you always feel hot in your bed, then it is time to make some changes. Regulating the temperature of your sleep surface will be much easier with the help of a waterbed.

Failing to sleep cool can affect REM sleep, which can make you feel tired all day. If you’re tired of walking around in a daze all of the time, it is time to think about getting a waterbed. The power of thermoregulation allows you to sleep cool and stay comfortable. This will make a big difference in the quality of the rest you get on a nightly basis.

3. Waterbeds Provide Comfort

If sleep surface comfort is a top priority, then you need to think about investing in a waterbed. Waterbed enthusiasts are well aware of the comfort they provide. This comfort comes from the power water has to naturally conform to your body. A good waterbed will fill in all of the gaps to provide you with support.

With all of the different waterbeds on the market, selecting the right one can be overwhelming. Working with an experienced waterbed supplier is a good idea. The right professional can provide you with the guidance needed to choose a good waterbed.

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