Think About It

Think About It

31st May 2022

When you're thinking about getting a waterbed, your design choices matter quite a bit.

You're probably looking for a new type of mattress because of health conditions or spinal problems, or you just want something more comfortable for a good night’s sleep. But where do you go for the comfort that’s going to change your quality of life?

Looking at some of the waterbed models on display here can help you to get the best choice for your body, and for the space that you’re sleeping in, whether that's in a conventional bedroom, on a houseboat or anywhere else.

Oak Pedestal Designs

Some people want those permanent waterbeds with the wood frames around them. They're ready to invest in this kind of permanence, and so they want a grand architectural design.

Take a look at the oak pedestal designs, where you can get drawers built into your waterbed for storage underneath this heavy and permanent installation.

This type of setup isn't for apartment hoppers. You're looking to stay in one place for quite a while. The infrastructure that you used to support your waterbed won't fit in your hatchback. But you will have a very regal and grand design to sleep in every night, and for a lot of folks, that’s worth the trade-off. Well worth it, in fact, as we hear from customers all the time.

Modern Waterbeds

Another thing to think about is the rapid rise of the softside waterbed, a new model for a more versatile waterbed that doesn't need a special frame. If you haven’t heard of this before, check them out!

These waterbeds have been designed for a new generation of customers who don't want the heavy footprint of a traditional frame waterbed, but do want the nice roll and feel of a waterbed.

Softside waterbeds are often made with some of the best technology of the conventional mattress built right in – and the comfort and flow of a water-filled mattress.

These are some of the things you’ll be thinking about when you choose a waterbed that suits your style and your sleep needs. We are here to help you pick out that perfect mattress and bed design that you will use for years to come, and be glad that you invested this money in a better night’s sleep. Ask us any questions about build, cost, or anything else – we are experts in sleep tech and mattress design, and we can help you to get the best option for your body.