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The History of the Waterbed

The History of the Waterbed

1st Dec 2020

Waterbeds were once a luxury that few people could afford. Today, after a slight decline in sales, they are making a comeback. Waterbeds, believe it or not, were invented in the late sixties in San Francisco by a design student, Charlie Hall. He developed his thesis on filling a bed with water for sleeping purposes. He previously had attempted to fill chairs with gelatin and cornstarch. The waterbed was born in 1968 when he invited his entire class to try it out.

Earlier Models

Charlie Hall's version wasn't the only attempt in the past. The invention of waterbeds in history goes back to 3500 BC when ancient Persians used goatskin mattresses with water warmed by the sun. Much later on, but before Charlie Hall benefited from the experimental time of the 60's60's, Scottish physician Dr. Neil Arnot used a warm bath topped with rubber meant to reduce bed sores for sick people. Science fiction writer Robert Heinlein, in his time, while sick with tuberculosis, wrote about waterbeds in one of his books. His ideas were just fiction, though, as he never actually made one.

Sex Appeal Sells

Although Charlie Hall, the waterbed creator, never intended for it to be a sexual aid, the timing of the waterbed's release coincided with the advent of the sexual revolution in the early to mid-late 1970s. A famous advertisement from the 70's70's said, "Two things are better on a waterbed," an infamous ad from 1970 declared. "One of them is sleeping." " They continued to gain popularity through the 1970s and '80s as a counterculture item that consumers' parents did not own. Even Hugh Hefner reportedly had not one but two specially-made waterbeds, outfitted in green velvet and Tasmanian possum hair, further securing the unique item's reign.

Lost Popularity

In the 1980s, waterbeds made their way out of celebrities' houses and in the homes of regular suburban inhabitants. At their peak in the late 1980s, one in five beds sold were waterbeds. Waterbeds, unfortunately, lost popularity later on because of changes in culture and other factors. Waterbeds were hard to maintain and required regular upkeep and maintenance. Are waterbeds ready for a comeback? You decide.

Waterbeds are available today with a Renewal in Popularity

Today waterbeds, although not as popular in their heyday, are still a good buy. They are fun and relaxing and are available online. Check out the retailer Waterbed Bargains and enjoy your new waterbed!