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Not Just For the 1980s!

Not Just For the 1980s!

4th Jan 2021

Do you remember the waterbed craze of the 1980s? It seemed like everybody was investing in one of these comfortable mattresses. Then, after a while, they got less prominent. In fact, you might think about waterbeds the same way you think about acid washed jeans, or that robot guy who used to do Pepsi advertisements (Max Headroom?) or the Wendy's “where's the beef” campaign … or the A-Team … okay you get the idea.

But really, the waterbed never went out of style. It's a luxury and indulgence for people who can afford to get the very best shut-eye every night by upgrading what's in their bedrooms. Waterbeds kind of went underground for a while – but they didn't really go away. You may have heard less about them, but they were still installed in high-end properties and beloved by people who really value quality sleep.

The Value of a Waterbed

If you can't afford a houseboat, a waterbed is a great way to innovate your sleeping experience and enjoy your nights a lot more.

Many of the most modern waterbed designs provide that ultimate comfort that people love about these very different types of mattresses.

Who doesn't love rocking asleep to the soft feel of moving water?

Modern Waterbeds

Part of the reason you heard less about waterbeds in the 1980s was the rapid emergence of innovative traditional mattresses.

However, waterbeds have been advancing, too. Modern waterbeds may look like a regular mattress, but have the same aquatic comfort designed into them. There have also been advances in portability and care. One of the biggest issues in the old days was getting all of that water into the mattress, and keeping all of that water in the mattress. When you really do the research, you'll see how modern improvements have made these jobs a lot easier.

We offer a 30 day (and night) trial of our waterbed technologies. Get to know this type of sleep comfort, and you won't want to choose anything else. You'll find out how easy it can be to outfit your waterbed and keep it in good condition year after year, with a simple investment in planning

When it comes to sleep, your linens and your pillows make a difference, but so does your mattress. There's only so much you can do with coils and springs. Use the natural soothing physical sensation of the waterbed to drift off in comfort. Check it out!