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Hardside and Softside Waterbeds

Hardside and Softside Waterbeds

2nd Feb 2021

Are you picking out a waterbed? You actually have some interesting choices to make, because waterbed technology has advanced since the 1980s.

Back then, waterbeds were very much in vogue. Celebrities used them – so did athletes, and the coolest folks living off the grid in places like Tucson AZ or the Appalachian forest. You might not hear as much about them now, but they are still one of the top-tier choices for comfortable sleep and luxurious bedroom fashion.

In addition, we have new types of waterbeds that offer a different way to integrate this amenity into your home. Take a look and you’ll see why these are still very attractive options for upgrading your sleeping space.

Hardside Waterbeds

Hardside waterbeds are the traditional type of waterbed that you probably saw if you walked into a bedroom containing one of these high-quality beds in the 1980s. With a hardside waterbed, you’re closer to the water. You also have additional support.

The hardside waterbed has a hard material frame, usually wood. It's a necessary support structure that helps prevent various problems, including excessive flattening and leaks, or settling during the night.

Hardside waterbeds are heavy items. They're not easy to move, but they are great once they’re in place. Someone who is investing in a hardside waterbed is, so to speak, putting down roots: they’re not as likely to pull up stakes and run for the border anytime soon.

Softside Waterbeds

The new softside waterbed is different. It doesn't have that hard exterior shell or exoskeleton. It doesn't need one, either. These mattresses are designed to hold their shape with water, without a traditional wood frame or other hard material.

One of the benefits of the softside waterbed is that you can use regular sheets and equip these beds the same way that you would a regular mattress. They’re also much more portable and versatile. You can choose from shallow-fill, moderate fill or deep-fill softside waterbeds. Many of these will look like a traditional mattress, but they won’t feel like one! They’ll feel like a million bucks.

Try a waterbed today! Take a look at our catalog and what we offer for comfort and style. We have wood frame and Ocean Sleep complete waterbed sets as well as accessories like waterbed bladders, covers, wood pedestals, and more. We also have heaters, pumps and other gear. Everything you need to maintain your favorite mattress is on hand. Ask us about how we help our customers to enjoy every night on the water!